133 Questions to Ask About Yourself (For Friends or BFF)

If you’ve always wondered, “How well do my friends know me?” then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 133 questions that will allow you to learn more about your friendships and see how well your friends really know you.


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  3. What questions are best to ask your friends about yourself?

Questions for your friends

These arequestions that you can ask your friendsabout yourself that will help you better understand yourself and how they see you.

“Who knows me better”-questions for friends

If you want to quiz your friends about how well they know you, then these are the perfect questions for you. Have fun asking a group of friends the following questions, and see who knows you the best.

1. What is my definition of a bad day?
2. Where are you most likely to find me on the weekend?
3. What city was I born in?

4.Am I more likely to settle down or be a fun aunty or uncle?
5. What’s my favorite animal?
6. If we go out to eat together, will I be ordering dessert?

7. Am I more of a summer or winter person?
8. What dish is my go-to when I go out to eat?
9.Where am I most likely to go on vacation?

10.Would I rather be on a beach or in the mountains?
11. Who is my celebrity crush?
12. Do I prefer big cities or small towns?

13. What’s my favorite TV series?
14. What is my least favorite food?
15. If I got a pet, would I get a cat or a dog?

16. Am I more likely to marry for love or money?
17. When is my birthday and how do I like to celebrate?
18. Did I go to university? If yes, for what?

19. What would I be most likely to get arrested for?
20. What’s my favorite movie?
21. Who is my guilty pleasure music artist?

22. Am I allergic to anything?
23. Is my house messy or neat?
24. What would you give me as a gift?

25. What was my childhood nickname?
26. Can I speak any other languages?
27. Do I believe in ghosts?

28. Do I want to get married?

Funny questions to ask your friends about yourself

These are good questions to ask your friends if you want to share a laugh. They will allow you to learn more about yourself and how your friends see you and have fun while doing so.

1. What do you think I would get famous for?
2. What animal do you think I’m the most alike?
3. What reality TV show or game show do you think I would do really well on?

4.How long would I survive on a desert island by myself?
5. What job do you think I would be horrible at?
6. Would you consider me a hopeless romantic?

7. What fictional character am I most like?
8. What do you think would be the perfect Halloween costume for me?
9.If I was a dog, what dog would I be?

10.If I ran for president, what do you think my slogan would be?
11. What alcoholic drink do you think describes me?
12. If I had one week to live, what do you think I’d do with that week?

13. Would you be surprised if I got arrested for streaking at a sports match?
14. Which character from “Friends” do you think I’m most similar to?
15. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever seen me do?

16. How long do you think it would take me to change the oil in my car myself?
17. What is the last thing you would ever call me to help you with?
18. If I got stranded on a desert island, what’s the one thing I would want to have with me?

19. What would you do if I got back together with my ex tomorrow?

Go here for morefun question ideas to ask your friends.

Deep questions to ask your friends about yourself

The followingdeep questionsare good to ask close, trustworthy friends. Sometimes we can have blind spots about ourselves that we are not able to see. Getting insight from a close friend can be very valuable.

1. Do you think that I make a lot of decisions out of fear?
2. What in my life do I feel the most proud of?
3. What is one change I could make in my life that you think would really benefit me?

4.What is one unique quality about me that you admire?
5. What is something that I can’t live without?
6. Which family member do I have the strongest relationship with?

7. Out of all the things I do, what do you think I do the best?
8. How often do I cry? Do you think it’s too much?
9.我对你遇到的人是没说完y with their life right now?

10.Do I make you feel safe to share things with me?
11. Am I somebody that you know you can go to for support?
12. What do I consider to be my biggest accomplishment?

13. Do I make you feel listened to in our friendship?
14. How self-aware of a person do you consider me to be?
15. What brings me the most joy in my life?

16. What’s my biggest life goal?
17. What’s my worst fear?
18. What is the saddest you have ever seen me?

19. Do you see me as overly pessimistic or optimistic?
20. If I died, where would I want to be buried?
21. How would you describe me in three words?

22. Who in my life do I miss the most?
23. What do you think is my most limiting belief about myself?

If the answers to some of these questions caught you by surprise, you might like toask some deep questions to yourself.

Hard questions to ask your friends about yourself

Having hard conversations can feel uncomfortable. But with the right person, they will allow you to become much closer to them and learn a lot about your friendship with them. Enjoy asking thesehard questions for friendswho are close to you.

1. What is the most annoying quality I have?
2. What is something about me that you wish you could change?
3. Have you ever considered ending our relationship? If yes, why?

4.Can you see us being friends forever?
5. Would you trust me with your life?
6. Can you see me doing amazing things in my life?

7. Do you consider me to be an honest person?
8. Do I add value to your life?
9.After spending time with me, do you feel energized or drained?

10.Do you consider me to be a high-value friend?
11. What is the last thing that I did to disappoint you?
12. What is the biggest mistake that you’ve seen me make?

13. What is a mistake that you see me continue to make?
14. Is there anything in my life that I could respond better to?
15. Do you consider me to be proactive about solving problems in my life?

16. Do you think that if I met the perfect person tomorrow, I have the skills I need to make a healthy relationship work with them?
17. Am I somebody who treats others with kindness and compassion?
18. Do I ever make you feel uncomfortable when you’re around me?

19. Do you think that I am a good listener? Do you feel heard by me?

Questions for your best friend

Nobody knows you better than your best friend! Find out how they really feel about you and your relationship with the followingbest friend questions.

Questions to ask your best friend about yourself

These questions are bound to start an interesting conversation with your best friend. If you want to learn more about your best friend and how they see your special friendship, these questions are perfect for you.

1. When I’ve had a long day, how do I usually clear my mind?
2. If I’m feeling sad, how would I want you to cheer me up?
3. Which fictional dynamic duo are we most like?

4.If I won the lottery, what would be the first thing that I would buy?
5. If you were going to get me flowers, what would you get?
6. What do you think would be the perfect career for me?

7. What is something about you that you think I don’t understand?
8. What is something that you think I sell myself short on?
9.What would you say I value most in life?

10.If I died tomorrow, what would be the biggest thing you’d miss?
11. How do you enjoy spending time with me the most?
12. What is your favorite way that I support you?

13. What is something about me that you find inspiring?
14. How well do you think I handle challenges?
15. What’s the biggest change that you’ve noticed in me since we’ve met?

16. What is something positive that I bring to my relationships?
17. When you met me, what was your first impression?
18. Did you ever think we were going to be best friends?

19. Why do you think we get along so well?
20. Do you think we would be good co-parents?
21. When were you the most impressed by me?

22. When were you the most hurt by me?
23. Where do you see me in 5 years?
24. What do you consider to be my most beautiful physical feature?

Funny questions to ask your best friend about yourself

If you want to have an impromptu trivia night with your best friend, asking them these questions is a fun way to do so. Be ready to share a laugh while you ask the following funny and weird questions.

1. How attractive do you think I would look as a person of the opposite sex?
2. If we went to Vegas together and I disappeared, where would I be?
3. How likely are you to find me at a yoga class?

4.你有没有感到尴尬是在酒吧吗lic with me?
5. How likely would I be to fall in love with the “Tinder Swindler”?
6. What am I most likely to ruin my life for?

7. What is the worst fashion trend that I participated in?
8. Who is your least favorite person that I’ve dated?
9.Do you think we would survive on a desert island together?

10.什么是我生命的一个区域,bi吗ggest gap in knowledge or ability?
11. Do you think I could ever become famous? If yes, for what?
12. How would you describe my perfect man or woman?

13. What sport do you think I’d be absolutely horrible at?
14. If I accidentally got myself killed doing something ridiculous, what would it be?
15. Do you think that I would be a good parent right now?

16. If I had a superpower, what would it be?
17. If I was a stripper, what would you choose for my stage name?
18. Do you consider me to be a conspiracy theorist?

19. What is a weird quirk of mine that you absolutely love?
20. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever seen me do?

What questions are best to ask your friends about yourself?

If you’re wondering what are good questions to ask your friends about yourself, there is a simple way to figure it out.

Basically, it depends on your intention and the situation.

If you are having a fun night out with your friends, asking them deep questions about yourself might not be the best idea. In this case, funnier and more lighthearted questions would be the best.

If you are trying to learn more about yourself and want an unbiased opinion from someone close to you, or if you are trying to strengthen your relationship with an already close friend, then the deep questions are a better option.

其中的一些问题很个人,所以麦e sure that you are asking people who know you well and who are willing to give you honest, loving answers.

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