61 Fun Things to Do With Your Best Friend

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For those of us lucky enough to have a best friend, we know how important they are in our lives and how lost we would be without them.

Chances are, if you’ve been friends for a long time, it feels like you’ve done it all. If you’re bored, it’s important that you look for new inspiration to keep your friendship fun.

That’s why we’ve put together the following 61 ideas for you to do with your best friend. We have ideas that are free and fun, plus one-of-a-kind, wild experiences that are sure to help you and your bestie bond for life.


  1. At home
  2. Crazy things
  3. In the summer
  4. Online
  5. On Facetime
  6. At a sleepover
  7. On their birthday
  8. With your teenage best friend at home

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Things to do with your best friend at home

If you’re stuck inside with your best friend and need some good inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fun ideas for you two to try out.

1. Do a “paint along” YouTube class

If you want to try out a new skill, then learning something with your bestie is a great way to do so! Doing online painting classes together is a cheap and fun way to bond with your best friend.Here is a tutorialfor you to try out if you’re unsure where to start.

2. Play a board game or card game together

If you want something fun to do together, then playing board games is always a great way to spend quality time. If you’re unsure of which board games you can play with just two people, thenhere is a list of 20 fan favorites.

3. Pick a new interesting recipe and cook it together

Instead of eating out or ordering in, cooking is a good way to save money and enjoy spending time with your best friend. Have fun picking out a random recipe online and putting your cooking skills to the test.

4. Do an online course together

There are plenty of amazing resources for doing online courses nowadays. A popular option isskillsharewhich has tons of free classes, as well as a cheap membership fee. Level up alongside your BFF!

5. Learn how to make a fancy drink

If you’re hanging out at home and want to add a little zest to your night, why not try making a fun new cocktail recipe? Of course, you can always substitute ingredients to make something non-alcoholic but just as delicious!

6. Learn a new language together

Learning a new language is a skill you’ll carry with you forever, and learning a new language with your best friend might be the perfect way to stay motivated. You’ll be able to spill the tea with them in a new language, and who knows, maybe it will inspire a trip abroad.

7. Pick a new series and watch it together

Sometimes a chill night with your bestie is exactly what the heart needs.Have fun picking out a new series together, and enjoy watching it with a bowl of popcorn. Resisting the temptation to binge the whole series on your own might be hard, but saving it to watch with your friend will be worth the effort.

8. Do a clothing exchange with them

Staying excited about your wardrobe isn’t always easy. Instead of always shopping to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh, why not set up a date to do a clothing exchange with your girl best friend? You’ll both save money and help to keep each other feeling beautiful.

9. Listen to an inspiring audiobook or podcast

When you’re bored at home and looking for something inspiring for you and your bestie to do together, listening to an audiobook or a podcast is always a great option.Audibleis a resource for audiobooks, and YouTube has a ton of inspiring podcasts,‘The School of Greatness’being a popular choice.

10. Do a tarot reading

Tarot readings have been growing in popularity recently. If you’re looking for a fun and random way to connect with your bestie,buy a deckand do readings for each other. It will give you insight into each other’s lives and is a unique way to connect.

11. Give each other henna tattoos

If you’re not sure what to do with your bestie and want something new and creative to do together, henna is a cheap and fun option. You can spend hours creatingbeautiful designs like this, and you don’t need any previous art experience to get good results.

12. Research side hustles

Friends that grow together stay together! If you’re bored, it’s never a bad idea to set some new goals and start working towards them with your bestie. Spend some time researching a new side hustle and enjoy bringing some inspiration and extra cash into your life.

Here are moreideas of fun things to do with friends. And if you and your bestie are on a budget, you might like this list oflow-cost things to do with friendsfor inspiration.

Crazy things to do with your best friend

Two people are having a great laugh together

Tired of the same old, same old? Then you’ve come to the right place. Have fun with these crazy suggestions for you and your BFF.

1. Thrift for funny outfits and head out on the town

If you want to spend a fun evening with your bestie and don’t mind looking a little silly, then we’ve got just the thing. Go to the nearest thrift store and pick out an outfit for your best friend that they have to wear out that night. The more ridiculous, the better. Just remember they’re doing the same for you! Enjoy an evening full of laughs afterward.

2. Go on a Tinder double date

If you’re looking for some fun, create a profile with your best friend and find two other besties that are game to take you two out. Double dates are an easy way to take the pressure off and just have fun!

3. Go skydiving

This suggestion isn’t for the faint of heart! There aren’t many crazier ways that you could spend an afternoon with your bestie than jumping out of an airplane.

4. Explore a haunted house

The first rule of going to a haunted house: never go alone. Going to explore a spooky spot with your best friend is a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping. Bonus points if you go at night.

5. Book a last-minute trip

Traveling with your best friend is one of the best ways to bond. Start researching fun places to go together or take the leap and book a flight to that one place the two of you have always dreamed about going together.

6. Dye or cut each other’s hair

If you’re wondering what you can do with your bestie to keep things interesting, this is a great idea for you to test out. Make sure you really trust your bestie before taking the leap and letting them choose a new hairstyle for you.

7. Get matching tattoos

This suggestion might be a little cliche, but there’s a reason that it’s so popular. Nothing shows that you love your best friend like a matching tattoo with them!

8. Stay awake for 36 hours

How you want to make this happen is up to you, but I think we can all agree that all the wildest nights end with little or no sleep.

9. Set each other up on blind dates

How much do you trust your BFF’s taste in men or women? If you’re feeling up for a unique night, let them set you up on a blind date. Maybe you’ll end up with the love of your life. If not, at least you’ll have an interesting story.

Things to do with your best friend in the summer

Summer is the time for you to get outside and make the most out of your day! If you’re looking for some special ways to spend sunny days with your best friend, then here are 12 ideas for you.

1. Go on a day trip to the beach

If you’re looking to spend a fun day outdoors with your best friend, then heading to the nearest beach is always a good plan. If you don’t have a car to get you there, try arranging a shuttle or finding some other friends that want to join you.

2. Go on a hike together

Getting outside and getting a sweat on is a healthy and fun way to spend time with your bestie! Enjoy the great outdoors while also doing something good for yourself and your girl or guy best friend.

3. Try acro yoga

Find a nice, grassy spot outside and have fun trying some new moves. Although acro yoga isn’t easy, and there are bound to be a few drops, it’s a really fun and unique way to get outside and connect with your bestie without distractions.Here are a few great moves to start out with.

4. Enjoy a run outside

Although a run might not be everybody’s idea of a great time, the feeling you get when you’re done is worth all the pain. Get your sweat on while enjoying all that nature has to offer.

5. Go to a U-Pick farm

Having a best friend that you can do romantic date activities with is a dream come true. Have fun picking fresh fruit or berries and enjoying them together. If you want to go a step further, find a recipe for jam and get busy in the kitchen.

6. Do a beautiful outdoor photoshoot

If you’re wanting to up your game on Instagram, or just find a new way to enjoy an afternoon outside, then planning an outdoor photoshoot is a great idea. Pick out a few cute outfits, bring some simple props like flowers or a scarf, and enjoy creating magic! Visiting pumpkin patches for a fun photoshoot is another fun option.

Two smiling people are taking turns photographing each other

7. Plant a garden together

There are very few things in life more fulfilling than bringing a garden to life. If you don’t have outdoor space, then turning your balcony into a garden oasis is always an option.

8. Go camping

If you’re looking for a peaceful way to spend a weekend with your best friend, then pitch a tent in a beautiful spot and enjoy! If you’ve never been camping before and need some inspiration and guidance, then here is a greatcamping guide for beginners.

9. Plan a romantic picnic together

If you’ve always dreamt of enjoying a romantic picnic date, then there’s no reason that you can’t make it happen with your best friend. Buy some tasty snacks, a beverage of your choice, and pick out a picturesque place nearby. Enjoy!

10. Go watch a sunrise or sunset

Whether you decide to enjoy a sunrise or sunset will depend on how you feel about early mornings, but getting outside to watch either is always a special treat.

11. Go to an outdoor music festival together

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some music. You can visit a small concert in your city during the evening or dedicate yourself to an entire weekend of fun at an outdoor camping music festival. Either way, make sure you bring your bestie along and make some memories.

12. Rent paddleboards

I think all of us have seen the beautiful photos of people doing yoga on paddleboards. And while your paddleboard adventure might look a little different, it will definitely be fun.

You might also be interested in this list offun things to do with friends in summer.

Things to do with your best friend online

你是否由距离或坐在together and want some fun ideas for screen time together, here are 7 fun online ideas for you and your bestie.

1. Record Tik Toks together

I think we’ve all seen the Tik Toks of best friends doing dance routines together, and they’re always a vibe. You might not have the best moves, but not taking yourself too seriously and just having fun with it should be the goal.

2. Do a makeup tutorial

If there’s a makeup look you’ve been wanting to try out, then here’s your chance. Maybe you want to learn how to ace asimple smokey eyeor experiment to find outwhich eyeliner style looks best on you. Doing this with your bestie when you have nowhere to go after is the best time to test your skills.

3. Go online shopping together

We all know how difficult it can be shopping without your bestie, and the same applies to online shopping. Relax together while browsing new fits.

4. Research travel destinations for a BFF adventure

Have you and your BFF always wanted to go on vacation together? A great way to get the inspiration flowing and figure out where you want to go is by watching travel videos together. There are so many amazing blogs online for you to check out.

5. Do an online workout together

Whether you are just starting out or need some help staying consistent, working out with your bestie can help you to accomplish your workout goals. If you’re unsure where to start,here are some workout videosto get you started.

两个朋友正在在家里next to a laptop and some weights on the floor

6. Do some virtual home-shopping

Whether your dream home is a mansion or a tiny-home, it’s always nice to know what is out there. If you’re bored at home with your bestie, browsing realtor agencies or Pinterest for some dream-home ideas can be a great way to spend an afternoon.

7. Make vision boards together

Creating vision boards is an excellent way to get intentional about what you’re trying to create in your life right now. List out all of the things that you want to manifest, and then enjoy bringing them to life using unique photos and quotes. For a better idea of how to do this using Pinterest,here is an easy guide.

Go here for more ideas onfun things to do with your friends online.

Fun things to do on Facetime with your best friend

If the only way you’re able to connect with your bestie is virtually, then finding ways to make your hangouts fun is important. Here is a list of things to do on Facetime with your BFF.

1. Have an online dance party

Pick out a special outfit that’s been waiting to make its debut, and then have an online dance party with your bestie. You two can go back and forth choosing your favorite song and have fun dancing like nobody’s watching.

2. Play “Would you rather”

This suggestion might bring you back to your high school days, but let’s be honest, “Would you rather” never gets old. Get to know your bestie a little better while also enjoying a good laugh with them.

3. Play “Never have I ever”

“Never have I ever” is always a popular game choice because it’s free, easy, and most of all, fun. You can play this game with drinks or just put a finger down every time you’ve done something your bestie hasn’t.

Things to do at a sleepover with your best friend

If you’re having a sleepover with your bestie and wondering what you can do together at night, then here is a list of 7 fun at-home sleepover ideas.

1. Make at-home face masks

Doing face masks is probably the most classic way to spend time during a sleepover, and there’s a good reason for it. Gorgeous girls love taking good care of their skin! Here are somemask ideasthat you can easily make at home.

2. Learn how to French braid

French braids are one of the cutest hairstyles out there, but they’re definitely not easy to perfect. If you’re hanging out at home, check out aFrench braid tutorial, and get some practice in by braiding your bestie’s hair.

3. Paint together

Buy a couple of canvases and start painting! If you want to take your paint night to the next level, try setting a timer and switching canvases every five minutes. Have fun seeing what the two of you come up with together.

4. Decorate a cake or cupcakes

Pick up all the sprinkles and frosting that your heart desires, and then enjoy an evening of decorating a cake or cupcakes with your bestie. Of course, the cherry on top is getting to eat them afterward.

5. Have an at-home camping trip

Either break out your tent or create a comfy pillow-fort and experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. You can set up some ambient lighting, tell spooky ghost stories, and eat some camping-themed foods like hot dogs.

6. Make pizza from scratch

If you’re bored at home and have some time to kill, then skip the restaurant and enjoy the cheap and fun option of making a pizza from scratch.

7. Buy a new board game to play together

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with your bestie, then buying a new board game for the two of you to play is a perfect way to pass the time. You can spend hours learning how to play a new board game, and it’s always a fun way to connect.

Things to do for your best friend on their birthday

Your bestie’s birthday is all about them. As their best friend, it’s your duty to make sure they feel all the love on their special day. Here are 6 fun and thoughtful ideas.

1. Surprise party

Surprise parties aren’t for everyone. But if you know that your friend loves big events and any excuse to party, then throwing them a surprise party is the perfect way to kick off their big day! Let them enjoy spending their big day with all of their favorite people without the stress of having to organize it.

2. Treat them to a day at the spa

If you’re looking for something that you and your best friend can do together for their birthday, then why not treat the two of you to a relaxing day at the spa. You never need an excuse to pamper yourself!

Two friends wrapped up in towels are enjoying their drinks at a spa

3. Buy a film camera and record their special day

We live in a world that’s full of photos, but there’s something special about turning a special moment into something tangible. If you’re looking for a unique way to make their birthday extra special, then bring a film camera to record the moment.

4. Have a girls’ weekend away

There are few things more memorable than enjoying a trip out of town with someone you love. If you want to make your bestie’s birthday extra special, then try a weekend of exploring a new city and getting into trouble together.

5. Book an appointment with a makeup artist

If you want to make a night out or dinner with friends extra special for your bestie’s birthday, then booking an appointment with a professional makeup artist might be just the move. Get ready for all the next-level Instagram content!

6. Print and frame your favorite moments

可能的情况是,你和你的bestie超过一个few hilarious and beautiful photos together. If you’re looking for a cheap and thoughtful gift for your bestie, then try printing off a few of their favorite photos of the two of you.

Things to do with your teenage best friend at home

If you’re stuck at home and want some new ideas to keep you and your bestie entertained, then you came to the right place. These 5 fun things to do with your best friend are ideal for 12-year-olds and teenagers.

1. Make friendship bracelets

When you’re bored with your best friend, finding some creative new ways to spend your time with them is a must. Making friendship bracelets for each other is a unique way to get creative and show your bestie how much you love them.Here is a guideon some different designs for you to test out.

2. Make time capsules

Imagine opening up a time capsule that you created for yourself in ten years! If you and your bestie are looking for something cheap and fun to do together, then try stuffing a container with your favorite photos, letters to yourself, and more for you to open together in a decade.

3 Have a tea party

Getting dressed up in your Sunday best to enjoy sipping tea is an adorable way to spend an afternoon with your BFF.

4. Try an online yoga class

Have you ever wanted to be able to do all the fancy handstands and beautiful bendy poses that you see from your favorite influencers? It might take some time to get there, but there is no better time to start than now. Here are someamazing yoga flowsto get you started.

If you loved many ideasyou and your BFF can create a bucket list.

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